Waste, waste management

  • Processing of analysis and project management of individual types of waste in the Czech Republic
  • Processing of applications for approval to dispose with hazardous waste for their own collected waste on the premises
  • Processing of waste identification sheets and labels
  • Processing of annual reports on waste production
  • Processing of facility operating rules, operation regulations and storage operational log books proposals
  • Training employees in waste management
  • Processing of Notification for waste exports under the Regulation on cross-border waste shipments
  • Processing of documentation European Commission for the imports and exports of controlled substances


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Ing. Vokurková Radka

Managing Director
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Mobil: +420 777 331 771

Eva Koliášová

E-mail: eva.koliasova@consulteco.cz
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Ing. Markéta Bisová

E-mail: marketa.bisova@consulteco.cz
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Ing. Hana Doušová

Administrator of safety data sheet database
E-mail: msds@consulteco.cz
Mobil: +420 720 508 579

IT specialist

Martin Pešina
E-mail: casec@consulteco.cz

Accounting department

VAT: CZ29028451
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