Implementation of the ISO 14001

As part of the introduction of a quality system in the field of the environment, we offer the processing of documentation, including:

  • Register of Environmental Aspects
  • Register of Legal and other requirements
  • Monitoring and measuring of environmental aspects

As part of regular visits, we will methodically guide you in fulfilling the legal requirements of corporate ecology. All documents related to operational corporate ecology are processed or controlled by us:

  • Waste: basic waste description, hazardous waste identification sheet, operating rules, optimizing the use of waste, record keeping and annual reports
  • Packaging: Login to the EKOKOM, industrial packaging solutions without the need for individual contracts with EKOKOM, record keeping and annual reports
  • Chemical Substances and Mixtures (CHSM): management of CHSM, control of correct using of CHSM, control and creation of safety data sheets, processing of written rules
  • Accident prevention, treatment protocol on inclusion or non-inclusion of the building or facility to group A or B
  • Environmental damage: a baseline evaluation of the operation
  • Water: the preparation of emergency plans, applications for water discharge consents, evidence
  • Air: application for operating permits, operating tables, operating records, annual reports


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