This helper originated on the base of experience in maintaining records of chemicals and updating of safety data sheets for many years.

Chemical Abstracts Service Evidence Center CAS evidence center

MSDS creation software

As a result we obtain a complete overview of operations (quantity and characteristics of the substances used ) and should always be connected to the current safety data sheet, which now share with all users of the program.

The next step was to simplify and „accelerate" the creation of rules for handling corrosive and toxic substances and mixtures.These rules you must prepare and deal with Authority in Health „and" Safety. At the same time, these cards are printed also in companies certified ISO 14001 to meet the requirement of awareness of the hazards of the substances used in the workplace for employees ( all substances, not only corrosive and toxic substances).

Finally, it is an advantage that the label on the product you print yourself, without knowing the current requirements of the CLP Regulation, and you can be sure that the label is in accoradance with chemicals act in order, including the dimensions of graphic symbols.

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