This helper originated on the base of experience in maintaining records of chemicals and updating of safety data sheets for many years.

Chemical Abstracts Service Evidence Center CAS evidence center

MSDS creation software

As a result we obtain a complete overview of operations (quantity and characteristics of the substances used ) and should always be connected to the current safety data sheet, which now share with all users of the program.

The next step was to simplify and „accelerate" the creation of rules for handling corrosive and toxic substances and mixtures.These rules you must prepare and deal with Authority in Health „and" Safety. At the same time, these cards are printed also in companies certified ISO 14001 to meet the requirement of awareness of the hazards of the substances used in the workplace for employees ( all substances, not only corrosive and toxic substances).

Finally, it is an advantage that the label on the product you print yourself, without knowing the current requirements of the CLP Regulation, and you can be sure that the label is in accoradance with chemicals act in order, including the dimensions of graphic symbols.


  • Reporting quantities in storage and consumption CHLS ( possibility of linking information with program outputs for purchase) .
  • Ability to control the current and immediate detection of SVHC substances used in products (Candide list - list of hazardous and particullary restricted substances) .
  • Ability to detect the presence of biocids, substances pursuant to Annex XVII, substances RoHS directive, vPvB substances and other hazardous substances according to your internal lists.
  • Check the amount of the substance in various products - need for registration.
  • Quick access to the most current versions of the safety data sheet supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Safety cards containing rules for handling DCSM quickly and easily video
  • Automatic labeling of the product in accordance with DPD / CLP. video
  • Reporting on the quantities of substances according to the degree of flammability ( sorting by range of flash points). video
  • Quickly create reports as evidence to develop:
    • emergency response plans, according to the Water Act
    • of protocols according to the law on industrial accidents
    • the evaluation according to the law of environmental damage
  • Check the amount of annual consumption of VOC (volatile organic compounds ) for annual review by the Air pollution Act.
  • Automatic transfer of information about hazardous mixtures into the database MZdr CHES
  • And many more specific outputs ...

etiketa-clp  tiskova-priprava report-voc report-evidence report-corosive bezp-karta casec-scr


  • Simple operation.
  • Quick Reports.
  • The program can be used on an unlimited number of PC stations under a single license.
  • Interconnecting the output files of operating records in MS Excel or the agreement of the other.
  • Easy access to current safety data sheets.
  • You can input the product classification of pre-designed templates in about 3000 products.
  • Elimination of errors when entering information on substances ( preset formats CAS, EINECS and Index numbers, nomenclature, preset list of classified substances, preset wording of R, H and S, P sentences). video
  • For foreign companies to automatically transfer information in English and Slovak languages for easy reporting.
  • Ideal tool for the purposes of internal checks, government and overview of audit quality in the environment.
  • Extensive database of more than 100 000 classified substances in Czech, Slovak and English language

PRICE LIST valid from January 01, 2018

Annual licenses Mini Edu (1) Standard Universal Profi (4)
Number of companies 1 1 1 2 5
Number of items 30 200 400 900 2000
Export/Import Pdf
Export/Import Excel, HTML
Label / Safety card
Export to IS CHES (CHLAP)
Active Links to MSDS (3)
Import of compositions and classifications from MSDS
English version
Slovak version
Module legislation
Detailed information about the substance
MSDS Creator (5)
Price without VAT (CZK) 5 720 7 600 21 450 33 990 (2) / 39 490 65 230

(1) CASEC Edu is designed for all types of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities registered by Ministry of Education, which in its curriculum offer teaching chemistry at the computer. In addition to commercial educational organizations approved by trade certificat or other authorization to organize public courses , or other institution that can proof that organize work courses with the CASEC software.

(2) Health care discount

(3) Can be individually assigned to Universal License

(4) Within the Profi license you receive the contractual rights to HOTLINE support and free annual user's seminar

(5) MSDS Creator available to Profi and Universal License for 15 000 CZK without VAT

Other services: can import data from your existing records.
For a more extensive database of over 2000 items with price controls individual agreement.


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