Consulteco s.r.o.

is a company operating in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in the field of consulting in chemistry and environmental services. The company (originally under the name Ing. Radka Vokurková) works in vocational consulting since 1998, which guarantees the quality and professionalism of the services. Our services are focused on solving current issues related to the implementation of legal and other standards of the chemicals and the protection and creation of the environment in the particular circumstances of the client.


  • Introduce a system of chemicals - Overview, correct labeling, material safety data sheets correctness, monitoring obligations in writing blends CHES, exposure limits for registration, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements in the field of environment so that the company is not exposed to fines from the government.
  • Find savings opportunities in the field of environment, eg through waste, industrial packaging standalone solution, and the like.
  • To help promote new technologies and trends in the field of environment.


in the practical implementation of legal norms on the environment in terms of specific client organization.

Facilities include a representation of the client in the process of administrative proceedings before state authorities, both in relation to the submission of applications, as well as control over the work of the state administration and the solution of the checks.

It will help you especially on the issue of waste management, air protection, waste containers, waste chemical substances and mixtures, prevention of accidents in the handling of dangerous chemical substances and preparations, implementation of environmental management and consulting in the ADR. For those interested in more comprehensive services, we provide a full, permission-based advice on health and safety, including OHSAS and water management (verified through an external person with long experience).


in relation to the required needs of individual clients, focusing on the target group responsible employees with regard to their job function. Further elaboration of studies in the field of waste management (market research and technology)

We offer implementation of training activities aimed at familiarization with the practical implementation of legal and other standards for the protection and creation of the environment, always singular focus on the specific needs and requirements of our clients in connection with its activities focusing on different target groups and the extent of managerial workers to enterprise specialists or other persons authorized by addressing the protection and creation of the environment and minimizing the impact of business on this area.

The main attention is paid to the issue of waste management, air protection, waste containers, waste chemical substances and mixtures, prevention of accidents in the handling of hazardous chemical substances and preparations and implementation of an environmental management system. Cooperation offer and in addressing safety adviser for the ADR.


We offer the only accredited course ready "tailored" for teachers focused on the current chemical legislation in education. The course is accredited by the Ministry ref MSMT-15488 / 2016-1-443 according to § 10 of the Decree no. 317/2005 on the further training of teaching staff as a study for perfecting professional qualifications. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Teachers can learn the latest information on legislation on permitted and prohibited chemicals used in experiments, new methods of classification and testing of chemicals, labeling and storage conditions of substances and mixtures and other current information from the field of chemistry. At the same time they will also receive " smart " tools for orientation in the new system of labeling of substances and mixtures according to CLP and current Periodic Table in the form of a poster.

Currently organized seminars
  • Next seminars in autumn 2016.


Legislative Adjustments in the chemistry and ecology in practice. Consultancy in the field of Handling of Chemical Substances, waste, packaging, air protection, EIA.

  • Certificate for documentation of the construction impact on the environment ref 6509/2934/OPVI/04 permitted by Ministery of Environment
  • Security consultant for ADR - Ministery of Transportation certificate # 2302
  • Higher education at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice

The quality of our services is guaranteed by long-term Activities in this area (since 1997), good cooperation with research institutes and government Institutions.


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